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We're catching our breath and catching you up
on what's going on at Right From The Heart

Good Morning,

Isn't summer a great time of the year? The days are longer, the weather's warmer (it's downright hot here in Atlanta), and vacations are never far from our mind, right?

It's been a busy spring around here. We launched a prayer community web site, launched an online store, hosted a golf tournament, and much more.

We wanted to catch our breath and catch you up on how the ministry is doing, what we've been working on, and where God has been leading us. We recently put together this video that we'd like to share with you.

Please check out the video update, and take a few minuets to browse our web site. We're sure you'll find a lot of information and resources that will bless you—or someone you know!

We'd also love to hear from you. What's God doing in your life? How can we better minister to you and to others? Just reply to this email and let us know.

Thanks for your continued support,
The RFTH crew

Videostart Focus08 Ministry Update Video

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: (if you'd rather just read it.)

This year, Right From The Heart is celebrating 16 years of ministry...always with the same Mission: To reach and disciple people through the use of media.

Hello, my name is Jim Murphy and I'm the Executive Director of Right From The Heart Ministries. I appreciate this opportunity to give you an update on how God has been working through this ministry over the past several months." What is unique about Right From The Heart is that the primary focus is "outreach," creating thought-provoking messages that are aired on secular radio and television...messages designed to raise questions in people's minds and get them thinking about where they stand in their relationship with God. I hope you've had an opportunity to see and hear some of these messages on local radio and TV. Over 4 million people a month see our TV messages in metro Atlanta. And worldwide, over 270 million hear either an outreach spot or one of our teaching programs or sermons on radio!"

More recently, we've been directing people to our web site via the secular radio and TV them an opportunity to get more in-depth information, and to answer questions of faith, and exposing them to the wealth of content on the web. We've also expanded our presence on the internet, making both video and audio messages available there through a variety of outlets, our own web site, podcasts, Facebook, and even YouTube.

Probably the most popular internet-based aspects of the ministry are Bryant's daily devotions. These devotions can be read on our web site; you can have them delivered to your email, or even have them built-in to your home page or Facebook profile—all of this is available from our web site.

When the devotions first became available on the web in July 2006, an average of 700 devotions were viewed monthly. Last month, the figure had grown to over 120,000 devotions viewed!

If you aren't already receiving them, I encourage you to go to and sign up for our daily devotions. It's a great way to start your day, and an easy way to witness to friends or family by forwarding the devotions to them, or having them visible on your home page or Facebook profile.

So, what's new at the ministry? Well...I'm glad you asked!!

  1. A few months ago, we added a "comments" section to the daily devotions, a place where you can leave comments about that day's devotion. I've got to tell you, we get some pretty lively interaction between readers there. I encourage you to take time to read some of the comments and participate in the comments section!
  2. We believe in the power of prayer. Just last month, we added an entirely new feature to our online Prayer Community called Right From The Knees...a place where a person can anonymously leave a prayer request and have other members of the community pray for them. We hope you'll visit it at
  3. Recently we started measuring the effectiveness of the ministry through something we call "touches." Every time someone views a daily devotion, hears a radio or sees a TV spot anywhere in the world, we consider that a "touch." Did you know that if you factor in all of Right From The Heart's media efforts around the world we're creating over 270 million touches each month? Pretty amazing, how the media allows us to reach so many people.
  4. Soon, we'll be broadcasting radio spots on a secular rock-n-roll station in Poland. And, we've just started discussions on broadcasting Bryant's sermons translated into Farsi directly into Iran.

If what we're doing excites you, you can support the ministry in a couple of ways.

First of all, I'd ask you to pray for the ministry, for the effectiveness of our messages, the success of the initiatives we've undertaken in the US, Poland, India and elsewhere and that God will continue to use the ministry to reach people and bring them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, I'd like to ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a regular financial supporter of Right From The Heart. We hope you'll join us in carrying out the directive of Jesus to bring the Good News to people locally, regionally, and throughout the world. Click on the donate tab on our web site to get more information about how you can participate in supporting this ministry.

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