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Right From The Heart


Dear Friend,

Most of you know that in addition to being the Founder of Right From The Heart Ministries, I am also the Senior Pastor of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Metro Atlanta. Let me tell you a story that involves that church.

In January 1982, the church developed our first annual ministry budget for the whole year. By the end of that year, we were faced with our first major land payment for the release of land so that we could begin construction on a facility in the future. As we were heading towards that final Sunday before the land payment was due, we needed over $50,000 to make the payment. We had a concentrated prayer focus among the church families that were meeting and worshiping in an empty doctor's office.

We gave the children in our church a dollar and told them the parable of the talents and asked them to go and multiply that dollar and bring back a special offering to the Lord. Everybody was engaged in praying. And on the final Sunday before the land payment was due, the church gave to the exact dollar what was due. The children brought in several hundred dollars themselves. When the finance chairman made that announcement, there was a gasp. And then literally, for about 10 seconds, there was total silence and tears as we realized that God had done something only God can do.

In 1992, we launched Right From The Heart Ministries, taking the Gospel and the good news outside the walls of the church. Right From the Heart is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to reach and disciple people for Christ through the use of media. Through the years, it has been amazing to see the miracles that began with a ?wing and a prayer? grow into a ministry that includes radio, television, the internet, email devotions in four languages, social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and so much more. The millions of people who are reached through what began as a small radio ministry makes me gasp almost like we did that day in 1982. Only God could meet our needs when we started this ministry, and only God can continue to meet them.

Our calling is to follow Jesus. He's the Leader of Right From The Heart Ministries. Jesus knows the way. He shows us the way; we are to follow. We have great opportunities to carry the Gospel message through media to the world. We are only able to broadcast our TV and radio spots when we have the financial resources from supporters like you. Your gifts and, just as important, your prayers, are investments that will show results for all eternity. Thanking you in advance for taking part in a ministry that impacts lives for Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Bryant Wright

Ministry Update


Something that continues to amaze us is the ongoing growth of our Internet presence. We are currently making it possible for over 300,000 people to read Daily Devotions each day. That's 9,000,000 times every month! This is happening across a variety of technology platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, YouVersion, our mobile Apps, the RFTH website, and email. Even technology like email continues to grow with over 16,000 subscribers to the Daily Devotions. The impact of getting the Word of God in front of that many people every day simply cannot be measured. We get constant feedback about how a particular devotion has touched someone or was "just what they needed" on that day. Most of the formats in which we distribute the Daily Devotions also make it easy for our subscribers to share them with friends and family, so the overall "reach" of the Daily Devotions extends beyond our subscribers.


Our work in traditional radio markets goes on with a strong presence in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, and Florida on English language stations and in Florida, Texas/Northern Mexico, and Spain with Spanish language broadcasts. We are also on the air in Poland, and we're happy to announce that we've started broadcasting Bryant's sermons in Kitale, Kenya on a popular Christian radio station. The broadcasts in Kenya are significant because the broadcast area does not have a high ownership of televisions or internet access. But, virtually every home has a radio, and it is a popular pastime for families to listen to the radio in the evenings.


If you haven't visited one of our websites lately, please stop in and see the wealth of resources available there. We get over 30,000 visits each month from over 150 countries around the world! Bryant's sermons are being downloaded in either audio or video format about 19,000 times each month. This includes direct downloads from the website, podcasts, and sermon downloads to Apple and Android mobile devices.


As you can see, we are trying to cover the bases of viable ways to "Reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ, through the use of media." It is our intention to continue to look for new places and new methods for sharing God's word, and we greatly appreciate the prayers and financial gifts of our faithful supporters. Would you consider making a donation now?

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