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“ Jesus said to [Thomas], 'I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.' - John 14:6 ”

Truth is truth. Truth is a standard. Truth is unchanging. Truth is what it is. If a stove is hot, no matter how much I want to believe and say that the stove is not hot ... if I touch the stove, I will be burned. The truth is the stove is hot. If the print on this page is black, but I want to believe it to be green ... no matter how much and how passionately I believe the print is green ... it is still black. That is just the truth. I cannot change that which is true simply by restating it or perceiving it another way.

Isn’t that exactly the argument in our world today? The scripture above aggravates a lot of people. They say it is narrow-minded and exclusive. Their perception of reaching God is more like He is sitting on some mountain peak and can be accessed from all sides by simply finding a suitable path up the mountain. But scripture teaches us we are separated from God by the unnavigable and condemning chasm of sin. The only way to connect with the Almighty God is to use the singular bridge of Jesus Christ. He is our way in the truth that gives us life with Father God.

The argument continues in rejecting the Holy Bible as the standard of truth. What about the Quran or the Book of Mormon or “Confucius says?” Interestingly, Scripture is the only book that has proven itself over and over without contradiction. If one jot or tittle of God’s Word is wrong, then Jesus Christ is indeed a liar and shouldn’t be trusted. But, it is true. It is completely dependable ... in every aspect.

Try it. Put your heart to the test and see if God is not faithful and true in what He says He will do. Be careful to maintain the context and seek to prove His promises in light of other promises. I have no doubt you will find Jesus Christ completely trustworthy. But you will have to trust Him. And that’s the truth.

His and Yours in the Truth of Jesus,

Bryant Wright
Founder, Right From The Heart Ministries

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