Heartbeat Newsletter - Fall 2008

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ISSUE 3 / FALL 2008

International Growth New opportunities unfolding with Polish, Spanish, & Farsi

While budget constraints have caused us to reduce our airtime in metro Atlanta and Florida, we continue to increase the exposure of the Gospel to people in the US and throughout the world, primarily through the cost efficiencies of the internet.


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Jim Murphy, Executive DirectorWe are amazed at the opportunities the Lord has placed before us to leverage the power of media to reach people. We know you share our enthusiasm for spreading God's Word, and we hope you will continue to enable this work with your prayers and financial support.

In Christ,

Jim Murphy
Executive Director

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friends and Faithful Partners

Jenny Lynn McGee

Jenny Lynn McGee

Jenny Lynn was welcomed into heaven in January of this year. We want you to know she was a beautiful person. Although Jenny Lynn was a former Ms. Georgia, her beauty extended much deeper than mere outward appearance. Jenny was a beautiful person within. She had the light of Jesus on her face, in her eyes, in her words and her actions. She was caring and compassionate, and as her many friends would tell you, she was a joy to be around. One friend described her as "a spirit bright…a spreader of light," while another said, "she taught us how to love."

Jenny was very involved in her church as a leader in the women's ministry, a Bible study teacher, and an organizer of mission trips to Asia. She was a mentor and a teacher who had a heart for helping young girls and women gain self-confidence and grow their faith in Christ. Many were touched by the beautiful example of her life.

Jenny was blessed with a loving husband, two sons, their wives, a grandson, and a granddaughter. Jenny's family was so important to her. She showered them with her love and her love of Christ, and left a lasting legacy for them.

Hank Escue
Remembering Hank at the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation Race.

Henry "Hank" Escue

Hank Escue was ushered into heaven on July 10. Hank was a highly respected physician by both his colleagues and his patients. Whether you were patient or staff, he always greeted you warmly with a smile. Everything that Hank tackled was done with a spirit of caring and compassion. As Hank's friends and family said, he never met a stranger. If he got on the elevator at the first floor, he knew everyone's name by the third floor. He loved people. His infectious smile and sense of humor naturally drew people to him. He simply cared for others.

Hank was a very humble man. A highly decorated military officer, yet he never told his daughter about the bronze star he earned in the Vietnam War. His attention was not turned inward but outward. Everyone else was important.

We at Right From The Heart were privileged to know these wonderful servants of Christ, and we will miss them.

Fran Ehrhard

Designed for Your Spiritual Journey, RFTH Offers Constant Stream of Resources Take a look at what is available
for you on our web site

The tremendous growth and diversity of RFTH is due, in large part, to our web site. The ability to reach literally millions of people all over the world has given us entrée into offices and homes in which we could have never before gone with the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

While many of you are familiar with the awesome daily devotions we send out every day in ever-increasing numbers (almost 8,650 subscribers at this writing), and our newest addition, the Right From The Knees prayer community, you may not be aware of the many other online features. Here are a few of the other valuable resources you will find:

Within this section of the web site, you will find dialogue that is easy for a non-believer to understand how God feels about His children. It's also a good tool for Christians to use when discussing their faith.

You can listen and/or view the many short Radio and TV spots that Bryant has done over the years. They're quick-hitting and always relevant to busy lifestyles. You can also forward them to your friends and family!

Bryant has a 30-minute teaching sermon that airs Monday – Fridays on WNIV-AM and WMMV-AM in Atlanta, as well as in other markets. But, if you don't have the chance to hear them, you can go to our site and listen at your convenience.

Many come to our site looking for resources on specific topics of need or interest. Type in a word or phrase on our site and it will show a list of relevant sermons and devotions.

We encourage you to bookmark rightfromtheheart.org and rightfromtheknees.org, or add them to your favorite sites. Then make the daily devotion and recent prayer requests a part of your daily quiet time with the Lord, growing closer to Him and praying for others in need.