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Ministry of Prayer Encourages Hundreds Her mission: Pray for every request posted on our web site

Her real name is Becky, but on our prayer web site, she prefers to be known as simply, "ChristFollower." At age 53, she has retired from her day-job, but she's not slowing down just yet. Instead, she's actively and anonymously (until now) ministering to others online at our prayer web site, rightfromtheknees.org. We asked Becky a few questions:

RFTH: What motivates you to pray for people online...people you've not even met?

Becky: I find it a privilege to pray for others who, in their faith, have come to this site to lay their burdens before the Lord. I have tried to pray for each request and consider it a ministry to do so, as [long as] I am able.

RFTH: Do you ever get discouraged when God doesn't seem to answer your prayers?

Becky: It's more of a frustrated feeling when He's not answering my prayers quite the way I wish that He would! :) As I've grown older, though, I realize He ALWAYS answers my prayers. Sometimes it is "yes," sometimes "no," and sometimes "wait." Looking back, I'm often more grateful for the times that He answered "no." Some of the things I asked for when I was younger would not have been in my best interest, after all.

RFTH: What have you learned recently about prayer?

Becky: Since joining this site and seeing all the miracles God has performed for so many, my faith has definitely increased. What I've learned, though, is that His response is not always just a result of someone's faith. Sometimes unresolved sin hinders our prayers. God can make us aware of our sin but will not force us to change. We have to have a hunger for His Word and desire to walk in His will. If we do, then in His timing, He will work things out for our good. Thank you RFTH for this site!

Providing prayer warriors like Becky an outlet to express their God-given compassion for others is just one of the many ways that we are seeking to provide discipleship opportunities for Christians. At Right From The Heart, our desire is not just to do the work of ministry ourselves but to empower and equip you to reach out to those who are lost and/or hurting.


Amidst Persecution From Hindu Fundamentalists, God is Working in India A recent letter from Narendra Singh, The "Voice" of RFTH in India

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Dear Friends,

I am thankful to you for your continuous prayer and support toward us and the ministry. Though the year 2008 was a very difficult year for us, we have seen the mighty hand of God upon our lives and the ministry. I would like to update you briefly with what God has done in the past few months through our ministry here in India, despite severe persecution, opposition, and terrorist attacks.

In the last three months, we had 40 baptisms in our church. All of them were from non-Christian backgrounds. Some of them have come to the Lord through our RFTH radio broadcast.

We have started 15 cell groups in different localities. We have trained 45 cell group leaders who are looking after these cell groups.

We have started church planting work among the people from Nepal who have come here for jobs. Almost 25 Nepali people are meeting regularly for prayer and Bible study.

We have started Calvary Women Fellowship in a wing of our church. About 95 women are part of this fellowship. They have regular Bible study, fasting and prayer.

This Christmas, we had record breaking numbers: over 900 people attending the church service for two and a half hours. People were sitting and standing everywhere, inside and outside. A local TV channel covered the whole service live and repeated the same program in the evening, free of cost.

We are receiving around 100 letters a day from all over North India through our RFTH daily radio broadcast.

Since August 2008, at least 67 followers of Christ have witnessed to their faith by martyrdom. Unless we are ready to die for Christ, we are no longer ready to live for Him.

With love and prayers,

Narendra Singh
The "Voice" of RFTH in India


March Brings a New Television Spot With your help, people are hearing about Jesus Christ.

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After a lengthy hiatus, we are pleased to announce that we ran a television schedule from March 9-22! The spot, which focuses on how Jesus taught us to pray, was filmed on the Mount of Beatitudes during Bryant's recent trip to Israel. The economic downturn has brought a heightened interest in the national news, so we have chosen the early morning news slots on CNN, Headline News, and Fox News Channel, along with some bonus spots that were given to us on various other cable channels. Also, since college basketball dominates the sports scene in March, we are airing additional spots on ESPN. Although we can't say for sure when we'll be back on television after March, we are happy to have the visibility this schedule will bring to our message and are trusting God for future schedules.

Watch this Video | View our TV Spot Archives


Spanish and Polish Radio Update Your prayers & support are spreading a message of hope in Christ around the world.

RicardoWe are happy to tell you that we have been running on two Spanish radio stations that cover the South Texas/Northern Mexico area since November 2008. Pastor Ricky Brambila, our Spanish "Voice" of RFTH, reports that he has had many people mention the spots to him with great excitement. In addition, the listeners can visit our Spanish web site, desdeelcorazon.org, to subscribe and receive the Spanish-translated devotions, listen to the current radio spot that is playing that week, and find out more about Right From The Heart.

WojtekAfter much prayer and determination, Pastor Wotjek Kowalewski, our "Voice" of RFTH in Poland, has successfully negotiated to run our Polish-translated radio spots on a popular rock ‘n roll station in Wroclaw, Poland's fourth largest city. This is a huge victory, because Wotjek faced much opposition in the beginning of his journey to partner with RFTH in sharing Jesus with Poland in this unique way. As with the Spanish site, Wroclaw listeners can also visit our Polish site, prostozserca.pl, to subscribe to or view Polish-translated devotions and learn more about the ministry of RFTH!


Play Golf & Support a Great Cause! Join us for a fun day of golf, camaraderie, & supporting a mission that reaches & disciples people for Christ.

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Please join us on Tuesday, May 19 at Ansley Golf Club's Settindown Creek in Roswell. Settindown Creek is a nationally ranked 18-hole championship golf course rated 13th "Best in State" for 2005-06 by Golf Digest. You are going to love this course. We have the ideal day planned for you so come and experience the challenge and natural beauty of Settindown Creek.

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