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Sowing Seeds Approximately 30,000 people a day get our devotions through email, RSS feed or Facebook.

Growing up, from time to time, I had the opportunity to work on my grandfather’s farm in South Carolina. Farming is hard work, and much of it is seemingly without immediate reward. Plowing, planting, fertilizing, irrigating, weeding...until the time of harvest, it can be discouraging if you don’t have faith that your efforts are producing an eventual harvest.

There are many examples in scripture where Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to sowing seeds and reaping the harvest of believers (e.g. Matthew 13).

Our Mission at Right From The Heart, “To reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ through the use of media,” is directly analogous to this. We literally sow millions of seeds for the Kingdom each month, presenting the principles of the gospel to a largely secular audience through almost exclusively secular media. Our outreach broadcasts touch millions of people in 6 countries and in 4 languages.

We also have a tremendous impact in watering or feeding the seeds of faith through our daily devotions and the availability of Bryant’s messages on our web site. Every day approximately 30,000 people get our daily devotion through email, RSS feed, or Facebook. This happens in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Polish) and reaches people in 28 countries!

In addition, Bryant’s messages are downloaded from our web site over 4000 times each month by people from 128 countries!

As Christians, we are always excited about the prospect of reaping a harvest for the Kingdom. At Right From The Heart, we are also excited about sowing and watering the seeds that we pray will one day bear fruit for the Kingdom. As Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3, “I planted a seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”

Jim Murphy

We hope you will continue to partner with us in performing the vital activities of “sowing and watering,” so that the harvest will be plentiful.

In His service,

Jim Murphy,
Executive Director

18th Annual Golf Classic - May 10 18th Annual Golf Classic - May 10

18th Annual Golf Classic - May 10

Join us for a fun day of golf, camaraderie, and support a mission that reaches and disciples people for Christ.

Please join us Monday, May 10, at Atlanta Country Club in Marietta for a terrific day of golf. Dr. Ron Braund is our speaker this year, and we are so excited to have him join us.

Ron was the personal consultant to Paul Azinger, the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup Captain. Ron assisted Paul in implementing a team-building strategy that culminated in Team USA beating Team Europe at Valhalla, a sweet victory after three consecutive losses to Team Europe. Together, Ron and Paul just released their book, Cracking the Code, the exciting inside story to their successful win. The ideal day is planned for you so come, experience this beautiful course, and listen to the exciting journey of how the Americans won the Ryder Cup.

Would you like to contribute to the success of this event, but you can't attend or you're not a golfer? There are many ways to help. We have a number of sponsorships available if you could help with one of those. We are in need of items for our auction. Do you have something you think would raise money for the ministry? If you are interested in donating the gift of time, we need volunteers. Please contact us about any of these opportunities.

For more details visit rightfromtheheart.org/golf . If you have questions or need further details, contact Fran Ehrhard at fran.ehrhard@rfth.org or 678-388-1868.



Something to Talk About - Devotion Comments Something to Talk About - Devotion Comments

Something to Talk About - Devotion Comments

For the last three years, the readers of our daily devotions have had the opportunity to give us their thoughts in the form of comments at the end of each devotion.

When we started this, we had no idea whether it would be utilized, but we saw that blogging had taken a huge leap in web communication. We felt the time was right...and right it was! The growth in the comment section, whether made directly to the online devotions or on our RFTH Facebook page, has been exciting to watch.

Our readers run the gamut from professed athiests, to new Christians, to Christians who are seasoned in their faith. The thing that has been most heart-warming to us is seeing this “faith community” come forward in so many ways: to defend their faith when it is attacked; to help guide someone who is searching for answers; even to encourage the staff of Right From The Heart to continue doing what we do.

If you aren’t currently reading and/or adding your own comments, we encourage you to take a moment to look at what people are saying, then take it a step further and write your own comments. You can use whatever screen name you wish and say whatever is on your heart because your email addresses aren’t posted with your comments. Hey, you might not even be receiving the daily devotions yourself. If that’s the case, let your fingers do the running, not the walking, to rightfromtheheart.org , where you’ll see the place to subscribe at the end of the current day’s devotion. Do it today!

To see devotion comments go to rightfromtheheart.org/devotions . If you’d rather use the Facebook arena, go to facebook.com/dailydevotions (or in Spanish at facebook.com/devocionasdiarias ). Either way, this gives you, our wonderful RFTH friends, a chance to participate, not only in spreading the Word, but in helping all of us have a better understanding of how to apply these truths to our everyday lives


Springtime at RFTH Springtime at RFTH

Springtime at RFTH

It’s YOU, our faithful donors, with a passion for reaching people for Christ that really fund this ministry

I don’t know about you, but we are really glad spring is here. Yes, spring means the cold weather is over, and of course, our annual RFTH Golf Classic is eagerly anticipated this time of year. Even though the Golf Classic is our single largest fundraising event, raising support for the ministry is an ongoing effort, and it is important that you know we leave no stone unturned in our efforts. Foundation Grants, internet appeals, auctions and golf tournaments are all a part of our strategy. But it’s YOU, our faithful donors with a passion for reaching people for Christ that really fund this ministry. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support are making a difference!

Whether it is an annual gift or monthly support, we appreciate you, our loyal partners. I hope you will join us in sowing the seeds of the Gospel and look forward to hearing from you soon.

To Further Our Reach,

Barry Wheeler
Director of Donor Development

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You are playing a major part in this ministry

“I really can’t put into words how your Daily Devotions just seem to hit the “nail on the head.” I’ve been out of a job for several months and I really...I mean really needed this. I know that God closes doors in our lives & then opens another. Thanks for your great work!”

“I really enjoy reading your daily devotional. It’s a daily inspiration to get my day off to a positive start.”

“I wish I could give more, but at this time I am unable to but I want you to know that your site has been a blessing to me.”

“Bryant, Thank you!!!! Amen!!!!”

“This thought provoking devotional is the first thing I read in the morning and carry HIS message with me throughout my day, sharing it with others as Jesus told us to do. No words can express my gratitude and how this brief message has helped me grow in faith. I praise God for you and all that are involved with RFTH. God bless you all.”


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